ZwiftPower update [November 2020]

LOL @Flint_McInnis

That is how my Zwift station look. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t find a relevant forum post for the issue I came across so I’m adding it here for public visibility (support has already responded by directing me here.)

Howdy - I’m trying to add an event -

Using this page

and keep getting the error “Cannot find event with that secret key”

The event has already happened now so I’m hoping I can add it after the fact.

And yet your live streams look like this Gerrie …

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We’re on that one. Just got it checked in myself today. Thanks for reporting! We’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

This issue stil persist: France primes on races not in France

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The profile on the worlds course “figure 8 reverse with KOM finish 50km” is not matching on zwift power .

Password issue. Can’t remember it to change. Anyway to change without the current password?? Thanks!

Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s EMEA E1 DIVISION 1

3 November 2020 19:15
The Magnificent 8 1 Laps 29 km
All riders visible Scoreboard

ZwiftPower category overrides wkg
5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply
The ZRL TTT race from 3 of November missing race-ranking

Zwift Racing League | WTRL Men’s EMEA E2 DIVISION 2 from 17 November

Many riders including myself missing power data. The first file have not been collected. When will this sorted?

Regards Dan

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Got it figured out! Thanks for the help!

Hi @Flint_McInnis
This our event link on ZP:
Zwift Companion is showing 91 registered in-game, but as you can see this is obviously blank for “Signups.” Having this page populates helps team organizers know who is registered for thier team and as an event organizer it allows me to verify everyone is entering the correct catagoriers PRIOR to the event.
Would be great to have this feature live again!

Signups only starts updating 48hours prior to event. That aint new! But would be Nice if it did :slight_smile:

Updated list 24 Nov 9:10am (NZT)

Private Event page (msg: cannot find event…) error - FIXED / monitoring
WTRL Event Missing power data - FIXED
Live Update - FIXED
Friends>Results broken - appears FIXED
Team>Results broken - appears FIXED
ZP Captcha Login - FIXED
Ranking - looks to be FIXED monitoring
Events showing France primes regardless of map - tba
Primes populated but Spints and KOM times tab empty - tba
Race metrics slow to process - tba
Rider Database/Search - under review
Fit Files processing - tba
Organisers can not create new leagues/events - tba
Profile on worlds course not matching (past event) - tba

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Rider database is still broken. Over two weeks now.

Happy Monday Zwifters!

Here are some more updates for you after the weekend! Hopefully you were sweatin’ to the oldies and setting some new PRs!

  • We identified the issue for the private events not working, and it has been fixed. We are still monitoring incoming reports to verify this fix 100%

  • The race rankings and points systems are back up and running, and have been retroactively awarded. Everything seems to be working as intended, though we will still monitor to make sure we catch anything that appears to be off.

  • WTRL has released some information about the missing results for their races. See screenshot below:

  • EDIT: the rider list has been fixed and is now working correctly. We are aware of the issue with the rider database and will be investigating that one as soon as we can.

Thanks for your reporting and active communication with us. There are surely some issues that would fall through the cracks if it weren’t for your collective community effort.

Ride On.


Hello Amy!

Thanks for the link.

Looking at this one, there’s a reason for this which is not related to the maintenance from last week.

ZwiftPower is only set up to look at signups for an event when it is two days or less away from starting. since yours is on 12 Dec, it’s far outside that window. You should see the signups once we round the corner on 10 Dec.

For now, ZC will be your go-to source of info on that one.

I appreciate your follow-up.

Primes are populated but Sprints & KOM times tab is empty


Agh! That’s “new” from last year. Where we were able to see it weeks in advanced.
But good to know that it’s only 24 hours now, unfortunately that doesn’t allow desired much lead time to notify members that they’re signed up for the wrong category.

We checked in a ticket to extend that time to 5 days instead.


Great job reporting back!! Keep it up :+1:t3: