ZwiftPower or Zwift Companion App

(Mark) #1

It seems there is a discrepancy between what the Companion app records in terms of fixtures on race completion. In comparison to the new race fixture on the companion app. Times are the same, but placings are vastly differently.
Could this be because a lot of people aren’t signed up to ZPower…? Which one is the Go to for correct results?

(Lin) #2

If they’re not registered on Zwift Power (ZP), they won’t show in the ZP results.

Also of note, the Companion app will show bad results. For example, if someone gets transported to the wrong map, they can still complete the event and end up in the results. The top 4 places of my Tour of London Stage 4 yesterday were all riding in Watopia. During the race, they did not show on the in race leaderboard. However, after the race, they were the top 4 with substantially shorter times and avg w/kg. Note: those four riders were not in the ZP results, but I don’t know if it is because they weren’t registered at ZP or if ZP filtered them based on some criteria.

I would not discount the Companion app results completely. They’re not always wrong. On the other hand, ZP is considered the official result for some of the races. Either way, you yourself know how you did during your event/race. At this point, I would say there is not single place for “correct results”.