Zwiftpower - not picking up my old rides


I signed in to zwiftpower last week and my account has started picking up new races that i’ve done but not those from before i signed up. My husband who signed up on the same day has all of his previous races listed. Has anyone seen this before and anyone know how to fix?


It won’t generally pick up your old rides, unless there was a backlog and it happens to pick up some of those old rides.

What you’re seeing is the normal behaviour.

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I guess it’s possible that your husband has already earlier allowed sharing data to Zwiftpower in his Zwift account settings. This would explain why his pre-signup results are showing up as well.

Ah okay - this kind of makes sense - his was already set to opt-in whereas I had to opt in - so i’m now picking up my rides whereas his were waiting to be picked up. Thanks team