Zwiftpower? Its for all?

Zwiftpower, what really its? Some one really knows whats the real deal whit this?

Imagine you could see how zwift could improve their racing results. But zwift did nothing and you have the skills to implement your own solution. Imagine you made a website that works with zwift to give a better view of results, a way to flag dodgy performances or weight changes, a way to look at the strava profile of other races, a way to look of other people’s race results and power numbers, a way to automatically filter people into the correct categories or kick them out of the results if need be. Imagine your website fills a demand to the point most people use it and think of it as the official results because they sick of the sandbagging idiots that wreck racing on zwift. Imagine no more because someone has already done it and That’s zwiftpower.

Note: if you are not on a smart trainer or have a power meter make sure you choose races that allow such things. If you don’t have a HRM make sure you are doing a race that allows that.