Zwiftpower History tab missing recent events [March 2024]

Is it just me or my cookie settings or something, but there don’t appear to be any events showing up on Zwiftpower’s history tab that are more recent than about 1.5 days ago (sometime Thursday evening EDT in US). Was ZP taken down earlier than mentioned for the maintenance that wasn’t supposed to start til Monday? Below is screenshot of where the history begins.

Also, I guess it’s possible, but a good number of these events shown below really had 0 participants?

Still nothing more recent than Thursday events showing in History. Is ZP the only way to find the event ID# for past events?

I have my Friday event in ZP history, blue bolt, no problem?!?

I’ve done 8 events since March 19 and no fit files for any of them. Today’s ride needs some more time to find out.

In your own profile’s ZP history, or the overall History page from the main events menu (which is supposed to list every event, not just the one’s you participate in)?
ie. here:

Ok, this seems to be the same as yours:

Edit - CET (Central European Time - Austria)

Working now, though the number of participants column is lagging a bit.

Hi @Wannie, thank you for reaching out and following up on our forums. We had some recent maintenance on ZwiftPower that may have contributed to this, but I’m glad you now have access to the history tab!