Zwiftpower - forum posting - support needed

(Adam) #1

anyone knows how do I contact zwiftpower support?
Have some problems with my activities logs (they are wrong) and apparently I cannot write in zwiftpower forum.
Can see the button “Create post”, but when logged in with my user it disappears.
So, apparently I cannot write at all inside zwiftpower forum.

Thank you!

(Daren) #2

Are you actually within the context of a forum?

On the main forum list there no new post button:


But if you enter General, you should see it:


What does that screen look like for you?

(Adam) #3

Looks to me as some issue with user permissions.
It might be also the reason for my profile activities data, but not sure… Had one activity two days ago with about 54km and 1700 m elevation, but it`s marked as 16km and 587 m elevation only. Same had yesterday (54km with 1700m elev), but nothing is marked at all.

(Daren) #4

What if you access the “Post a new topic” URL directly?

Maybe you’ll see more information there about the problem.

(Adam) #5

Well…definitely some sort of user permission issues. Probably the user in some special group without forum permissions or something similar, maybe banned, not sure.
The user was created about a month, maybe two ago on zwiftpower, but Zwift connection was made only few days ago.

(Daren) #6

I’m out of ideas, not being familiar with their code. =) Maybe @S_ticky_KRT can help you out.

(Adam) #7

Great, thank you Daren.
Just sent a message to him.

(S) #8

This is a known bug preventing some new users posting on the forum. Site Admin is aware of the issue and is looking to update the code in due course. In the meantime you can message us on our facebook page:-

Regarding your activities that data is pulled from Zwift’s API and often gets corrupted. There is no way to correct it.

(Adam) #9

Thank you.

(S) #10

Would someone post on ZwiftPower forums topic ‘** Trainer upgrades or miscalibrated results affecting Category **’ on my behalf? My ZwiftPower profile link is … S peed Skater on ZwiftPower. I’m unable to post or send private messages due to this bug mentioned in this thread. I have a power meter as of March 13, 2019. Previously I was on ZPower only; therefore, I need my categories to reset.

(Steve Baker ) #11

I had the same trouble a few months back but ended up contacting zwiftpower through Facebook.

(Adam) #12

Hi Scott,

Hi Scott,
actually just checked zwiftpower forum and I can now post on it! )) Cool. Special thanks for @S_ticky_KRT
Scott, I’ve just posted your message on zwiftpower forum. Link:

(S) #13

The bug preventing new members posting on forum has been fixed.