ZwiftPower Event Primes does not show correct categories results anymore

That feature have never existed (although it would be useful).

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Thank you very much! :ok_hand: :+1:

is there a way to vote for this feature wish/improvement?

There’s a feature request section on this forum.

Hi James,

maybe 1 more BUG to fix in PRIMES.

The riders with DQ Code are not excluded in the Primes? Can you fix that to?

DQ Code from ZwiftPower or WTRL?
Normally if riders are disqualified due to wrong category within ZwiftPower, they were filtered.

I think they already are? Unless you have specific examples of this not happening.

If I recall, this might be a WTRL issue where the people behind the DQ’d rider don’t move up a slot in the prime results.

WTRL don’t use ZP and intentionally don’t reallocate points from a DQ. I’d prefer they did but that’s the rules they have set for ZRL or maybe that ruling came from ZHQ. Either way if it’s for ZRL it’s working as expected.

Virtuslo e-League Race…yesterday 16.1.22 at 9:30UTC

We have a rider in PEN E that won 1st Sprint FAL and didn’t finish the race…he’s shown as 1st in PRIMES? Why is he not removed if he didn’t finish?

In PEN A we have a rider DQ with HR and he’s in 3rd Sprint FAL Position 10.
In PEN C it’s the same.

Cause i’m not aloud to post links it’s event ID: zid=2633776

The DQd riders haven’t been considered in the primes totals for the event - it shows up in the primes tab because that’s updated during the race but the actual primes are only applied when you process them after the event has finished and the primes tab doesn’t update once DQs are taken into consideration.

Primes Totals in Results Tab are perfect…they work great. It’s just weird that the Primes Tab doesn’t filter DQ riders.

Anyway at least it’s working now :wink:

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