ZwiftPower cutting off ranking field

looks like the css or the size of the column for rank when searching for riders is too narrow and cuts off part of the data, attached is a screenshot

Hi @Rich, Welcome to the Zwift Forums!
Fernanda here, part of the support specialist team at Zwift.
Thank you for using this space to share your questions. Can you please check the % Zoom applied to the screen where you are viewing the results?
When the zoom is greater than 100% the results seem to be cut off on the screen, and it is not possible to slide it, you need to enlarge the size of the window to be able to view all the information with the zoom at more than 100%.
Please let me know if this persists after checking this.
Ride On.

still showing the same but it varies on what name you search for and how long the name appears to be

searching for hopkins or klein results in the issues
searching for smith doesnt

also does it if you search for edwards