Zwiftpower And Tour of Watopia Results Removed

(S. M.(C)) #1

Anyone know why Zwift requested Tour of Watopia Results be Removed from Zwiftpower?  Seems like it was at the request of Zwift

(Harry Roberts - (B)) #2

Or why Zwift hasn’t provided a way to verify completion of stages.

(Matt Armitage) #3

Disappointing news, a reason would be nice. It makes me less interested in the remaining stages.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #4

I hope it wasn’t at the request of Zwift. While it’s good if they work with ZwiftPower to make results possible, ZwiftPower should retain its independence as a community-driven site.

Zwift have been pretty good in terms of community support though, and I can’t see why they’d stick their oar in here.

(S. Urista (D) TeamODZ) #5

I see your point - and love, love love Zwift Power, but provides hosting and infrastructure support, so…

But also agree, can’t really see a reason why they’d request Tour of Watopia data be removed from Zwift power (my ride data is still up as of now tho).

Would like a reason, at least. Maybe 500+ riders per ride every two hours is causing server issues?

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #6 provides hosting and infrastructure support, so…”

So… what? So what?

If they are willing to provide hosting, that’s great. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of them having editorial control over ZwiftPower.

We don’t know if that’s what’s happened here, but I say again I hope not. I hope it’s legitimate reasons.

(Eric Saari BLUE SKY) #7

Very unhappy with the removal.

(Pete Murray [BRT] 🚲) #8

Also very unhappy with the removal… not even a reason why… if Zwift want Zwiftpower to remove their comprehensive results… maybe Zwift should start producing results that are as comprehensive :frowning:

(Sussex Geezer) #9

I think Zwift HQ should be taken to task about the lack of communications with subscribers.  Don’t they have a client communications specialist, this is basic Communications 101.

(Charlie Issendorf) #10

As many of you may know, Zwift Power is a community group and not affiliated with Zwift.  We asked Zwift Power to remove the Tour of Watopia results because the Tour of Watopia is not a race and riders were being DQd from the results as if it was a race. Zwifters were contacting us asking why they had been DQd from the event.  We have since spoken with Zwift Power to ask if they can post results as a leaderboard only, with no DQs, and they are working on a solution.


VP EVENTS at Zwift, Inc.



(Tim Camden WBR (C)) #11

Tour of Watopia results are back on Zwift Power. Mine were always there but the title and date disappeared and the rides dropped to the bottom of the list.

They are now back in the correct position.

Maybe the problem is fixed. I’m relying on Zwift Pwoer to monitor which stages I have done.

I looked at the April schedule for “Tour” dates and I did not see any makeup dates for missed stages.

(Charlie Issendorf) #12

Make-up stages will be held all weekend, Saturday April 28 & Sunday April 29.  We will post the full schedule of dates and times early next week.



VP EVENTS at Zwift, Inc.

(Keevin Griffith) #13

Let ZP do what they do best! Create legit leaderboards with valuable training stats. Zwift HQ quit buckling to all the crybabys that just want a “participation trophy”. That is what is wrong with the world. I don’t think Zwift HQ really realizes how important ZP is to the success of Zwift.

(S. M.(C)) #14

Results are restored thanks for engaging with us Charlie.

(Keevin Griffith) #15

Yes restored with Zwift HQ censorship. Don’t want to make someone mad because you let ZP do what they are designed to do. FILTER!!! You not going to let them filter group rides now because “it’s not a race”? WIMPS

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #16

Aaaaand relax.

Makes sense Charlie, thanks.

(Keevin Griffith) #17

And Charlie, now that you tied Zwift Power’s hands, we have the number 1 finisher of Stage 3 Tour of Watopia at about 22 minutes. Why even have a list if it is totally meaningless! That should be a DQ!

(S. M.(C)) #18

All its not Charlie’s fault…  However,  it goes to show that almost all results on Zwift are for entertainment purposes only.  So we all just have to consider Zwift like WWE.  Here are three examples from today’s race alone.   You can look them up on USA Cycling.  

Age/USA CAT/Note

50 Cat 3 no better than top 10 in most 40th 3.8 w/kg finished 40th at 10AM race
33 Cat 5 finished 49th average 3.7w/kg
54 cat 4 3.7 w/kg finished 39th
60 cat 3 3.7 w/kg finished 63rd

I dont understand why they believe they can put out these numbers because as soon as they move to the road they will be obliterated.  I do not believe these people can push these watts for this long.  Go higher up the chart and see even higher watts per kilo.    

But knowing my stuff is calibrated correctly makes me push harder and in the end i will be stronger but its frustrating at times.






(Keevin Griffith) #19

Zwift Power has done a very good job and will continue to do a very good job if they are allowed to filter.

(Ray Mondo iQ2 (D)) #20

Removed for the sake of tranquility.