Zwifting with the elGato Stream Deck (Release)

I got the Lifetime License

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When will it be on the Elgato Marketplace as it would be great to support your work :+1: Would you be open to a custom colour scheme and icons etc for OBS ?

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Not sure, everything on my end has been submitted and approved - just waiting for Elgato’s push to marketplace. Once there, the download will always be free! Thank you for your support!

I have tossed around colors to match Zwift branding but colors are so muted in the profile - wasn’t sure it was necessary. What are your thoughts on colors and icons for OBS?

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Are all the profiles fixed @Michael_Kosmatka ??
Ie can you chop and change things around if you don’t say use what’s on the first default screen?

I don’t have a deck yet, but like what you’ve done.
Often frustrated trying to get to any options, esp with the sauce overlays in place.

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The profiles are not fixed. You can reconfigure them to your hearts’ desire, including actions, button layout, graphics, everything for each profile. How they’re used, is completely up to you. If there is anything you need to assist in customizing let me know.

Ride On!

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Just ordered one :+1:

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Question 1…of many.
Are your icons available anywhere? No point reinventing the wheel and just looking to move my prominent actions up a bit? :pray:

Absolutely loving this :ok_hand:

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Inside of the MK1 and MK2 profiles, under the “Settings” button is an “Icon Library” of 35 icons. Those are great because you can copy / paste them and use the Stream Deck software to add labels for your own profile customizations.

If you’re looking for a more complex effort with complete customizability and interest in the raw .png or source .psd files I can add the archive in a future release or create a github project around this if interest picks up.


With the profile linked to zwift, I assume if I wanted a hot key for another program (ie sauce) that would need it’s own profile?

Do you then need to use the software to switch profiles?

Tweaked some keys and menus, got a nice bike swap sub menu.

No shortcut for pacer teleport is there??

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Yes, the software is used but closed and in the background.

Yes, you would create a profile for Zwift and another for Sauce. Assign the respective app to each profile; e.g. ZwiftApp.exe to the Zwift profile and sauce4zwift.exe to the Sauce profile. This tells the Stream Deck when its respective app is in focus, load that profile.

If you need a profile button override there is an action under “Navigation” section in Stream Deck software called “Switch Profile” that allows for profile switching like you’re thinking.

That said, you still need a way to switch focus between those apps. Just add an “alt-tab” Multi Action button to each profile. When you alt-tab to Zwift or Sauce the profile will automatically switch to the profile to control the app you’re alt-tabbing to.

The shortcuts in the profiles are the extent of the key commands in Zwift - that I’m aware of. No shortcut for pacer teleport exists. The navigation buttons I setup will get ya there though.

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Now available on the Elgato Marketplace!

Get it here!