Zwifting at the same time?

My wife wants to start Zwifting and is using my old TACX wheel on trainer. When she first started riding at the same time as me(she wasn’t on Zwift) my Zwift companion app picked up her trainer. Can we both ride at the same time without interruption?

Does she have her own account and devices to run Zwift?

I believe you will both need your own accounts and two different devices running Zwift. When you run Zwift the game you will pair your own trainer to the Zwift app running under your account. The Companion app should pair to the game app via WiFi using the account info.

Thanks for the feedback. NO she doesn’t have her own acct YET. I was just concerned because in the middle of my ride it picked up her trainer and just concerned this will be a constant problem.

Guess i just try and see what happens?

It works, just be sure you set everything up correctly.

Eric and his cousin ride together on his blog:

Do you connect to Zwift through your companion app?
If not then I am not sure how you would know that your companion app picked up her trainer?