ZwiftGame Android FAQ (v 1.0.60239)

I have the same issue on my tablet, ant+receiver, tacx flux s smart trainer as mentioned in the topic I have created few days ago. The dropout however happens way sooner (10-15 seconds after sucessfuly connected and paired in the menu).

This has also impacted me in last 2 days. Previously ok using Stages SB20 and Samsung S2. Connects everything fine then drops without warning some time into a ride. Returning to the pairing screen shows all hardware but no signal. Ironically the Stages Link app is still reporting power and L/R balance and cadence but clearly Zwift is where all of this is turned into distance etc. ZC isn’t making any difference here. Really confused and frustrated…

Its 2021. Its a joke that such easy cant be fixed. Not to mention that most of us are paying 15€/month. Could someone please tell the devs responsible for patches to focus on the android and fix urgent things?

I had high hopes for the latest update. Yesterday I was able to do a 50min ride without and drops on ANT+ (I disabled BT on the tablet). But today after 6min our fun game of connect disconnect occured again.

Switching back to BT also does not help to get rid, BT will do the same connect disconnect loop.
Samsung Tab S 6
Tacx Flux S

I had a drop out again today using the latest update, at 30 mins in.

Using Wahoo Kickr '18
Pixel C
Ant+ sensor is less than a foot from the trainer.
I’ve been through all the steps of ensuring Wifi isn’t on a nearby band, removing all power adapters and electronics from anywhere nearby.

I was unable to reconnect to the trainer having lost the connection this time.

I don’t feel I have the tools to determine whether this is a Zwift issue, the ANT+ support service on Android, Android itself, the USB adapter, or the kickr.

In any case it is not reliable, despite every effort to remove any source of interference.

Grateful for guidance?

I have similar problems to the previous two posters, I’ve submitted a support request.

Tacx Flux 2, Samsung Tab S6, the two latest versions of the Zwift app. It will find and play nice with the trainer for a while and then - particularly if I stop pedalling for a while - it will produce a No Signal error and refuse to connect. Restarting the Zwift app seems to help to some extent, I can never fix it while it’s still running.

This is usually over Bluetooth but I’ve tried a lot of things including using ANT instead.

Meanwhile the Tacx Training app works fine for a prolonged period, so I’m confident this is Zwift.

I will investigate further as time permits, using other devices - I’m also a professional Android developer for what it’s worth - but I’m hoping Zwift can do something here as I don’t think it’s anything on my side.

I also made a very boring video of this. This starts with a connection failure midway through my FTP test, demonstrates it dropping out completely, shows it working OK in Tacx, then I restart the app (not very clear, apologies) and it comes back.

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Rode earlier this evening with Stages SB20 on Zwift via Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 T813 for 75mins, freeriding a Watopia course WITHOUT issues. So for me the recent update following forum noise has seemingly fixed things (Workouts also behaving). The video does show the issue I was having before the update referred to. HRM was never impacted (an ANT+ feed - strap and watch feeds tested so something BLE related).

“adb logcat” it…

75 mins is good going. I managed 30 mins before my last failure and although I don’t have enough experience with it yet, it does seem to be related to me pausing my efforts. I’d be interested to know if you ever stopped, as well as obviously whether this remains stable for you.

I’m going to try today with purely ANT FE-C, no Bluetooth at all, see how that goes.

And yes I can inspect Logcat but the overall volume of output is too high unless you know what you’re looking for, and there’s no guarantee that a given app’s devs have left anything valuable in the public release’s logging.

Did stop part way through for a bike change to ride the Jungle Loop (Road to MTB) and again to reverse this. Freewheeled too but didn’t stop. Everything has been fine since fixes (around 25th Jan from memory) to the update prior to the previous weekend that broke everything as you are experiencing.

Same issue again last couple of days. Yesterday was particularly bad lost signal twice first at 12 mins then 4 mins after restarting the app.

The second time, when the signal would not come back, after many efforts at selecting/deselecting the trainer I decided to experiment by reaching forward and turning off my fan (wahoo headwind).

Could very well be anecdotal but sensors came straight back and I continued the rest of my ride for 30 mins with no issues. Apart from being very hot.

The fan is the other end from the sensors, a good distance. If it is responsible, I’m surprised as it is designed for rising.

Either way it seems to me that ANT+ can work fine for extended periods on Android then dies irrecoverably. This is perhaps zwift, this is perhaps the ant software on Android. This is perhaps made worse by interference, which all parts of the system should be able to recover from.

So all told, I’ve concluded it isn’t a robust solution at the moment and will be looking for something else. I’d love to do some experiments e.g. deliberately introduce a short spike of interference, see whether zwift can recover. If I had the time!!

I had some strange behaviour on Android, chrasing application trying to use ANT+. I would like to use BT for everything but not for power source that I would like to use ANT+ power meter source different than the smart trainer. Is this possible right? I was using like that two weeks or so ago and now I got some drops on computer and some crashes on Android… could it be due the upgrade? I will test with another ANT+ USB antenna.


I have Samsung S8 with external monitor and Saris H3

Ant+ kind of works, but it disconnects if I stop pedaling for a couple minutes(for example right before a race start). I go to Zwift Game menu and pairing and see “no signal”. Turning off the trainer a couple times, I can then pair again and rejoin the event (but several minutes later so I’m effectively out of the race). Is the Ant+ antenna going to sleep on the S8 when no signal is generated? Is there any way to prevent the disconnect when power is zero? Any advice appreciated!

I did not install any ant+ apps but the phone already has ANT Radio Service and Ant+ Plugins Service.

Also, I find bluetooth basically doesn’t work now - it won’t pair as controllable with any reliability. I’ll try disabling background apps like Garmin connect. But it is frustrating to not have bluetooth as a fallback.

Thank you,


Issue this morning on Galaxy Tab S7+ were I was able to login select world and pair devices. Once I select Ride I get this blue blurry screen that shows UI but has a TT bar handles in front. No power and no visuals besides UI. I logged out 3 times and I was finally able to ride. Galaxy s7+ should be compatible with latest version?

The Garmin Dual HRM does not work on Bluetooth or ANT + on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on your Zwift app – Only giving 72 BPM readings or dropping out altogether.

HRM has had new batteries issues are still happening using mobile device.

The phone is running the latest versions of software for Android in the Australian region of

Android 10

One UI Version 2.5

Has all the ANT+ capabilities that work with any other app on the phone eg, Strava and on my Garmin Edge 510 with zero issues

The app has been uninstalled reinstalled on both Samsung Device and the Computer, yet the HRM drops out or reads 72 BPM when using mobile device.

The ANT+ works on my computer – which isn’t ideal as I can’t change anything during the ride connected the computer as I can with the Zwift app running through my mobile attached to a mount on the handlebars.

Processor -Intel(R) Core™ i5-4590T CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz

Installed RAM - 8.00 GB (7.89 GB usable)

System Type - 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Windows Edition - Windows 10 Pro

Windows Version – 20H2

OS Build - 19042.789

Why will Zwift not work on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which isn’t an old smartphone by any stretch of the imagination, when the HRM communicates to all other devices I have Zwift is the only one that doesn’t work with the HRM.

For something I am paying for it is an extremely poor piece of software to say the least. If I had a power meter, I would probably be on RGT as there is nowhere near the amount of software glitches on their platform.

Zwift gives 2 options for the HRM

HRM-Dual:426965 191 on Bluetooth

HR Strap on ANT+

My current set up is

JetBlack z1-Pro Fluid Indoor Trainer

Garmin Dual HRM Bluetooth and ANT+

Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor GSC10 - ANT+

Can we expect a fix on these in the near future considering it isn’t a free app and by paying for a service one would expect the said service to deliver all the reliable data on the app with HRM BPM being an indicator most riders would like to be able to reliably track through the app.

Any solutions that actually work would be greatly appreciated.


I share an android device dedicated to zwift with the wife. We get this when we log into the other person’s account. It it rectified by delete cache and reloading app.

After the last update this seems to have been fixed for us though.

Hi. Since I did a software upgrade on my Samsung A70 android phone on 4 April, the zwift app does not pick up my Garmin speed and cadence sensor. I downloaded the app on my old phone and that picks up the sensor. Problem is the phone is a bit slow

Still having the same problem even after latest Zwift update

**Not supported:

“Road feel”. Currently this is a Tacx feature that does not work in Android.**

Work for me, and always did.

Pixel 2 XL with Tacx Neo 2

Been using this combination for almost 2 years and ‘‘road feel’’ always worked.

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Hi guys
I have a troubledhooting with my mobile zwift app. Last monday uninstalled my app, before thst all my divices working well. Reinstalled again the app and now I can not pare any divices…like hear rate strao…smart trainer (Zycle Pro).
What can I do?
Appreciated yours reply