Zwifters seeing different red sweeper beacons in the same event subgroup [July 2022]

Hi, our ride Poursuite de la lanterne rouge has had riders seeing 2 different Red Beacons, I brought this up in May but have had no response. The ride is on Magnificent 8 every week. I’ve changed sweeper list around but we still see 2 red Beacons?.

Are the riders seeing two different beacons, or are different people seeing different beacons?

Hi James no, different people are seeing different beacons. I thought it was because people were on different applications iOS , Mac etc but everybody has updated but we still get 2 beacons or sometimes not the the lead sweep but further down the list gets it. It’s nothing to do with late join either as we have tested it, makes no difference.

Thanks. Another group mentioned this to me earlier this week.

Ill flag it with the team.

We are still seeing this on the ZER rides as well. I had reported this in April, I believe.

Thanks. Another group (one mentioned above) sent me some screenshots of this happening which I’ve shared with the team.