Zwifters riding in the woods in New York course

(Vincent W.) #1

Hey Zwifters,

We’re aware in the New York course that some Zwifters have been sent off their paths into the woods and are doing circle loops within them. As much as we love nature, this is a bug we are currently investigating.

Course: New York
Action: Group Rides, Workouts
Platform: PC/Android
Workaround: N/A

Stay tuned to this post for updates.

[ZG - 4716]

Road off road into the trees then zoomed around in circles
(Andy W (Tdc)) #2

Hello Vincent. During my workout today I encountered this bug. I then switched over to the Android beta on my galaxy so. I encountered the same problem their as well.

(Bobbi Davo) #3

Happened to me yesterday also

(Bobbi Davo) #4

Same happened to me yesterday.

(Maris Van Sprang (BBB)) #5

I had this same problem twice. Very annoying. I had to end my ride because it didn’t recover at all.

(Glen Porteous) #6

Not sure if this is the same issue but I did one of the NY runs and found I was running through bushes all the time with the avatar on the far right.


great to hear I’m not alone… thought it was my set up…

(Mike Watson) #8

Issue occurred to me on Mac running Mojave. Think it occurred in the same spot on an organised group ride.

(Chris Knight ) #9

I had this issue on the first NY day but not since then. However, I have noticed a little ‘error’ in the exact spot where it happened a few times since then. On the baseball fields link road when coming from the uphill S bend road (does that make sense?) roughly 100m along the avatar lurches to the left. Every time. When I got stuck doing loops in the bushes I was riding in a group, so maybe that’s why I got flung out too far in that instance.

(Vincent W.) #10

Thanks for the heads up! Do you happen to have a screenshot of this?

(Chris Knight ) #11

A screenshot of the little change of direction? No. It’s the same type of movement as when the avatar goes around a stationary rider in the middle of the road, except there’s nothing there and it happens in the same spot every time.
Or are you talking about the going in circles? I made a video of that and send it in to tech with my initial support ticket on it - (sorry for the shaky video, I was riding…)

(Vincent W.) #12

Thanks for the video @Dirtypot! No updates yet, will still keep you all posted.

(Oliver Bird) #13

I had this happen, once only, during a group ride.

(Godmother Fox) #14

I knew (in theory) this bug exists. Recently, I saw a video reporting it on Ytb … rider suddenly headed to the woods and then was riding in circles, there … I’m sorry (as I can imagine it could be quite annoying) but LOL … LOL and LOL again … I haven’t seen such a funny bug for a while :joy:

Another funny bug I witnessed several days ago - just after I spawned in Watopia I was overtaken by rider and his bike was still mounted on that “stationary trainer” - the blue glowing one we know from group workouts/rides - warmup just before start. I’m not sure what happened and caused this bug, but it was pure fun … unfortunately, he disappeared before I could make “a photo” as he was riding pretty fast … :grinning: