Zwifters nearby list ignores direction in Scotland

No segment, per se, but that is part of the Temput Fugit ‘route’, since you have to go all the way around that, and back to the arch, to complete the entire route (which is different than the out-and-back TT races).

It’s part of TF, but not south-to-north. The rest of the road below that, through the arch and the town and such, you ride in both directions. But not that part of the loop. In other words, I don’t think there’s a route that takes you from the blue dot in that pic above straight up past where the yellow arrow is pointing. TF takes you around the loop to the arrow clockwise.

No. I don’t think there’s any route that covers Glasgow reverse yet.

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I still get a lot of Box/Leith traffic being shown at once, unfortunately. Windows PC.

Just rode TF today. Never noticed this, but you can’t even do a U-turn on that small segment of road. When you do the loop at the top of TF, as soon as you pass the intersection to turn left back towards town and start heading south on TF again, the u-turn button disappears from the Comp App. It doesn’t reappear again until you’re off the loop. And if you u-turn then, by the start of the Fuego Flat…it takes you left and clockwise around the loop again. So I don’t think there is any way to ride that one segment of road south-to-north.

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Spaghetti code = too risky to fix because it’ll almost certainly break other stuff.

I hear this whole spaghetti code thing frequently.

What does it at actually mean? Are you a programmer and seen the code?

It’s not really necessary to actually see the code itself to make an educated guess, especially considering the persistent quality problems (changing one thing breaks something else that should not have anything to do with it) with approx every other new release.

But anyway didn’t mean to start yet another QA discussion, just hadn’t seen this pointed out here earlier and it seems specific to this new world so maybe there are things that can be done.


Maybe related to this log error

ASSERT: "road && "BikeEntity::IsRightTraffic asserted; road must be valid"", file=D:\git\zwift-game-client\Projects\ZwiftApp\CODE\BikeEntity.cpp, line=12979
ERROR: ZwiftApp Crashed

Something similarly annoying is having people who are just parked on the side of the road who show up on the nearby list. Generally it’s not a big issue but if you’re monitoring someone in a paceline and you get near a large spawning area it becomes a mess. You should only appear on the nearby list if you are actually moving.


There is a bug that includes riders coming the other way in the riders nearby list, rendering this element almost completely unusable. My experience of this is that it’s much more severe on this map than the occasional glitch I experience on all the other maps.

So that this doesn’t get derailed like my last attempt at raising this issue, I’ll clarify that I’m interested in corroborative experiences from other users and understanding from Zwift staff if/when this is likely to be fixed. I am not interested in arguing the toss about relative severity compared to other maps, because I’m quite happy with my ability to describe the experience I’m getting and it’s relative severity as it manifests on my setup.


Already noted:


Like i said previously before you trolled me, the issue is known about.


Dear me, Stuart. What is your problem? Feel free to ignore my posts. You don’t have to reply to everything!

That was nearly a month ago though. Today I got a response from a staffer on here to claim this as a feature rather than a bug, so I think it’s worth continuing to raise it…

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Guess that’s one way to solve this…

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I read your other post–you came across as hostile and confrontational to people who were trying to point you in the direction of this thread. I don’t know you, maybe you’re a decent person. But reacting to other users here the way you did doesn’t seem to help the issue at all, not if you’re interested in other people helping you.

This is an issue that’s known about, as you can see in this thread–meaning that you have corroborating evidence. Yes, it’s happening. No, we aren’t fans of it either. Will Zwift do anything about it? The eternal mystery. Maybe poking them often about it will move the needle. If you care to keep bumping this thread, feel free. I wouldn’t mind it getting sorted either.

That said, the fact that it does occur in other maps, and has not to date been fixed in those maps, might be some evidence about whether it will get fixed in Scotland. YMMV.

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Yep, totally agree with keeping the focus on it, but having two threads in the Bug and Support sub-forum dilutes the value and discussion.

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Just giving this a little bump in house.


This still seems to be resolutely unfixed. Any word on if this has been definitively accepted as an issue? I can’t bear to ride the Scotland map with the constant distraction this creates until it’s sorted.