Zwifters Nearby bar Scrolling randomly [1.39.0][May 2023]

On Zwift PC app, Zwifters nearby panel on the right side is just scrolling on it’s own randomly, can’t even click on names, it just goes away and keep scrolling up and down, it’s even difficult to click on likes etc…


I’ve literally just flagged this at HQ.


Windows 11, fully patched, latest update.

The rider list was always “twitchy” and make clicking on re d thumbs to give ride-ons a challenging game of whack-a-mole. But since the latest release, its much worse, re-sorting at high speed before you could possibly get a chance to click on the button.

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Same for me on iOS on iPad as well as on windows 11

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Can not figure out what is causing the issue but I did try a few things.
The zwifters nearby still jumps all around and it will not stay on me UNLESS I move the mouse over onto the Zwifters nearby pane and keep it there.
It looks like once I put the mouse pointer on the pane my name and info will slowly come to the middle of the list and stay there. I do not need to move the mouse to keep it there
BUT once I move the mouse off the zwifters nearby pane like if I wanted to click on the menu button on the lower left, it will once again resume to jumping all around on not stay on me.
BUT once again if I move the mouse pointer back to the zwifters nearby pane it will slowly bring me back to the middle if the list!

Had none of these issues the day before the update.


Got my update today. One thing that I noticed is that when I start a ride in the “nearby zwifters” pane on the right side of the screen in the prior version I was always in the middle of the list and showed zwifters around me. Now I am no where to be seen on this list and it just jumps all over the place. I can not figure out who it is showing .
I first thought it may have been with the group ride that I was in so after that ride I stated a new free ride and it did it again.
I am running this on a PC with windows 10.


This appears to be related to mouse movements.


Got the latest update today and I have same issue here with the Zwifters Nearby list. The list randomly jumps up/down as I’m riding. The mouse is not being moved.

However, when I do move the mouse, the list jumps to the point where I’m no longer in the list. I’m unable to click the ‘ride-on’ icon next to people’s names as the list jumps as the mouse moves over it. Even clicking on ‘back to me’, the list jumps around and then a few seconds later, center’s on my name. Move the mouse again to either click a name or ride-on, the list jumps around.

I’m running on a Win 10 desktop PC, wireless keyboard/mouse, kickr smart bike.


Confirming this issue although if you don’t move the mouse the list returns to normal.

Mouse the cursor however and it’s all over the place. Makes clicking the ride on icon difficult.

I’m sure it didn’t do this yesterday and i was on the new update

On our run this morning the run list showed you behind me quite early on - after maybe a couple of km - which we both know to be nonsense. Time gap was something like 4 minutes or more, but the sequence of the list was completely wrong.

Windows 10.

I did notice that. Seemed to sort itself eventually.

More often seen on laps when you’re over halfway round to lapping someone. Never seen it react like it did today.

Trying to give ride ons sent me dizzy. Lol

Yup, same issue here. Zwifters Nearby list jumps all over the place.

I found a work-around that works for me. I use a laptop win10, with HDMI cable toa TV set.

Move your mouse pointer over any of the names on the ZWIFTERS NEARBY area. The jumping around stops, and the Zwifters Nearby returns to the way it should be…your name in blue in the middle of the stack with riders ahead above and riders behind below.

It was a lucky find. I was trying to click on my blue name whenever it would randomly appear on the right.

you just need to click the mouse anywhere on screen and it should fix it (failing that try clicking your scroll wheel)

Workaround here doesn’t work for me on Windows 11. No change in behaviour.

Not really a workaround since the “fix” lasts only until you move your mouse again or touch a cursor key

really? that’s weird, fixes it for me every time.

did you try clicking the scroll wheel?

Yep, no difference as soon as mouse moves out of that area the broken behaviour returns.

Windows 11 Home, Version 10.0.22621. In case it makes any difference, I’m running Zwift in Windowed mode

interesting - i was using full screen, i’ll try windowed mode next time just in case that is doing something weird? unlikely but at least can rule it out

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Yep. Moving mouse causes it to scroll. Trying to click on a rider’s name is like trying to grab a slippery bar of soap… Windows 10.