Zwifters are not receiving their Drops

(Vincent) #1

Hey Zwifters,

We have gotten some reports of Zwifters not receiving any drops when logging into the newest update. Please send us a support inquiry and our support team will add you to our investigation list. We’ll update this post once we receive new information. Thank you for your patience!

No Drop shop
No Drops after update
(M) #2

I have raised a ticket but if there are others who don’t have your drops please comment below!
I logged in and no historical drops were there, I am adding drops now.
Wonder how long before I can buy that Liv bike!

(M D ⚡[BRT]) #3

Same for me. Done about an hours riding and still no retrospective drops. Raised a ticket.

(Hiltja) #4

Level 50 and No drops here. Thanks!!!

(B Trodden) #5

Same here no drops and no drop shop either

(B Trodden) #6

That’s my update through now :grinning:

(A) #7

No drop shop here either.