Zwifter list only show your group

I do not know if this is actually a new feature that I have just not read about or rather a bug.

I have notice that (at least in races) the zwifter list i the right side only show you the zwifters in your group.

I got two examples:

Here I at the front of the group, but there are two riders in a break away. I am unable to see how big a gap they have as the list just start with me.

Here I am at the back of the group (second to last rider in the group). You can see that I am not near been the last rider in the race, but I am likewise unable to see the group behind us.

This is really annoying in a race situation where you want to know how far behind/in front you are.

That’s a option that the race organizers can enable. It show only your race category.

No, that is not feature I am talking about.

We are all in B-category.
In fact your argument does not make sense, because when the race is category separated the other category-riders are not included in the position status (3rd/159 and 26th/42).