Zwiftcast: One for the Runners

The Zwiftcast podcast has a special “Runners’ edition” out featuring an interview with Mike McCarthy

Also available on Spotify:

It was good to hear that Running is on the radar for the Zwift crew. Unfortunately Mike didn’t really release any actual hard evidence on what to expect in the game and it sounded more like a politician being interviewed.

Maybe one day Eric will get on and say - This is coming in Q1, this is coming in Q2 and we are working on this, this and that so we can stir some real engagement with our users.


  • start a runners drop shop and build the drops like the cycling more for hill climbs etc.
  • give power ups at designated spots (30sec lighter, 100m sprint bonus, start booster, bonus XP)
  • increase spawning areas (next to Jarvis, T-Rex or London’s Mountains etc etc…)
  • introduce ghost runners that can run at a pre-programmed pace. Maybe use them to do the training programs like a virtual trainer in game?

Just some feelings on this part of the game.