ZwiftApp.exe crashed after into new home screen, v1.25

ZwiftApp.exe crashed after into new home screen

win10 home 21H1

last time running normally version:
zwift v1.24 (already with new home screen)

display adapters:

when get into new home screen, felt about one second the home screen had been frozen, then ZwiftApp.exe crashed (auto closed). without error report window pop-up.

A few minutes before the race, I had to quickly use my iPad to replace laptop

something new:
now I highly suspect that your version is not compatible with (msedgewebview)

This probably isn’t directly related to your issue, but you’re on a very old version of the launcher. You should download the Zwift installer again and it will fix that for you.

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found what caused the problem.

after updated to windows v1.25.
when user get into the β€˜world’/map chioce home screen, zwiftapp.exe is trying to amend JPG about workouts & recently activies, security software stopped without warning
(In some cases this is a high-risk behavior)

i trusted zwiftapp.exe by following file path in security software, zwift no crush anymore.

ThankQ all the same Steve

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