Zwiftalyzer help

New to using zwiftalyzer. Kiss 100 yesterday I had 3 WiFi dropouts which showed up as 3 network errors. Network connections showed regular reconnection every minute or so. So I bought cat6 ethernet cable to hardwire.

Tonight on the wired connection it shows no errors, zwift seemed to run fine, But still shows as reconnecting every minute or so on zwiftalyzer. Any idea what could be causing this problem? Usually around 50 - 60 Mbs fibre connection. Around 20 Mb upload. Very low ping and jitter.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I noticed this too, no issues for me at all but constant regular network connections showing up on last night’s Zwiftalizer analysis. It’s nothing to worry about, but one for @Mike_Hanney to advise on as to what’s triggering it within the log file.

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Fixed. Silly bug was misrepresenting innocuous netclient info ‘telemetry’ lines.