Zwift worlds

OK, total Newbee here;  How many different worlds, or maps, are there on zwift.  So far I’ve seen two, a down town city stake and the island with the awesome cyclist sculptures, are there other maps?  Will there be?  While I’m having fun, I could see riding the same course becoming a bit tedious over time…

Currently there are 2 different maps. However, the developers have hinted at more maps to come in the future.

Hi Justin.  Once Zwift goes live then the Dev’s have committed to more maps coming and the pace of that process being much faster.  Also the maps will become selectable, whereas now we all ride in one that’s pre-chosen.

New maps will I agree be key to Zwifts success in the future, but it does depend what market they chase.  On one hand you have a hardcore pack of serious riders who are used to staring at their trainers through rivers of sweat all winter.  They nickname their cellar the “pain cave” and will pretty much ride anything that allows them to race other people.

On the other hand you have a massive market of more casual riders who would love to ride in the winter indoors, but they need things more fun, targets, goals, lots of maps and achievements to keep them interested.  This market is huge, but far harder to tap into and keep hooked.

Going to be an interesting journey, I’m loving it so far.