Zwift Worlds Won’t Load

Hi All,

Have been running Zwift on Microsoft Surface Pro laptop w/Windows 10 for a couple years without (major) issues. Interface thru Zwift Companion running on iPhone w/Bluetooth connection to HRM/smart trainer/running foot pod/laptop.

After latest Zwift update, computer app starts slowly but login/sensor pairing goes fine. But when I hit the Ride/Run/Workout button (regardless of which world/route I’ve chosen or is the default Zwift selection for the day) the app gets stuck in the “Loading [Watopia/Richmond/etc]” phase.

Steps tried so far:

  • Computer restart
  • Modem restart
  • Browser (IE) cache emptied and default settings reset in Windows Internet Options menu
  • Zwift app and file folders deleted from computer and Zwift app re-installed

Where should I go from here? Appreciate any help the community can offer…I miss riding and running with you guys!

Mike LaDuke

Same issue. Was there a solution?

Hi Beth,

Never received a real answer on this one.

Luckily after re-starting my modem, router, laptop a dozen or so times over the course of a few days; deleting/re-installing the Zwift app on my phone and the Zwift program and file folders on my laptop and re-installing each a few times; and updating my Windows 10 version a couple times Zwift started loading again.

Wish I could tell you which of these steps actually did the trick but I’m honestly not sure.

Good luck!