Zwift world physics: leaning and anticipating

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #1

My rider was moved to the clockwise course with the Mac game update this am. Nice new view of the island! (for me) Could be that I’ve been riding a lot but this direction “feels” harder. Probably the longer KOM and a straightaway that promotes long group sprints.

Anyway, after playing for a while a couple of physics problems have started to float to the top for me:

  1. When you’re going into a corner your bike needs to lean. We’re not trains on a track. Others have mentioned having the horizon shift slightly as well. Tough to say if that’s needed until it’s tried, but descending the Col’ clockwise at speed can be pretty disorienting

  2. In the real world when a rider ahead of you is going slowly or is stopped you ride around them with a loooooooong, wiiiiiiide arc–you don’t wait until you’re 1 meter away for them then slalom.

As always, keep up the great work.