Zwift Workouts

I’ve been training for a 100K Fondo in Pacifica, CA. The workout I’ve been using is the Bambino Fondo I believe. Anyway, I like it a lot and it’s apparent it was meant for a Zwift Fondo. There are some typographical errors and some mentions of an activity coming up the next day. Plus, a lot of the comments about the change in power or cadence shows up about a minute after the transitions happen. Weird.

If you should ever need someone who doesn’t need to work full-time and can tele-commute, I can do those changes or make edits you feel necessary ;-)  I am not a techie but I can learn fast. (Retired biology teacher)

I haven’t heard about any issues in the Bambino Fondo previously. I’d suspect your delayed change in power and cadence may be technical issues, but I wouldn’t know for sure without researching your log files a bit.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to create an email support ticket to request your logs. Please check your inbox for us.