Zwift Workouts Go UP to TrainingPeaks, but Don't Come DOWN

I have linked my TP account with Zwift. Completed rides always get automatically sent to TP without a problem upon completion.

However, structured workouts scheduled on the TP calendar and not sent down to Zwift.

Since the TP<>Zwift link is clearly established since the completed workouts go up, the link is good. Any thoughts on why scheduled workouts in TP don’t appear in Zwift?

Same issue. Out of 3 workouts scheduled this week only 1 was transfered to Zwift. All of them running workouts.

I noticed that the one which was transfered was plain sequential, the 2 where it did not work used repeats in TP. I tried to recreate the repeat one (of today) as a sequential one in TP and it did not work though.

Cancelled and reestablished Zwift/TP link twice and reinstalled app once. Using the android version