Zwift Workouts get results FACT!

(Nath Kirby) #1

Hi All,

I felt the need to post this as probably alot of you like myself questioned if the workouts get results in real time races.  Well i can definitely say they do with results like this below:

First Race Of Season 2015:

Duathlon 5k 20k 3k was 1 hour  21 mins placed 67th 

First Race Of Season 2016:

Duathlon 5k 20k 3k was 1 hour 10 mins placed 23rd 

I smashed 11 minutes off my bike split and my hill climbing has gone through the roof being able to sit in the saddle and spin the legs to the very top instead of getting out the saddle and using unnecessary energy.  Over the winter i followed the FTP builder and threw a few under 60 mins workout sessions into the programme.  Currently still following the programme but now using the awesome hill climb as my workouts.  

Thank you ZWIFT its what the indoor trainer user has been crying out for years. 


(. TomH..) #2

Hi Nath, 

Thank you so much for your feedback! We’re truly astonished by the improvement and expect you to finish in top 10 next year :), keep us updated and Ride On!