Zwift Workout crashes

(Frank Goehner) #1

Hi, I currently run Zwift on a pc, and I have never had any issues.recently with the latest update, I click on Workout, and the entire app crashes. I rebooted the computer, and it crashed again. Of interest, the app runs fine without workout.

I have put in a support request, but I haven’t recieved any feedback.

Any suggestions


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Frank, thanks for letting us know.  It looks like on some configurations this might crash and thanks to your note we’ve just tracked this down and fixed it.  It’ll be included in our next update.   

(Frank Goehner) #3

Hi Jon,

I just downloaded the update, retested and it still crashed.


(Jon Mayfield) #4

Hi Frank, the next update is still days away. Until then it may crash for some users like yourself.

(Frank Goehner) #5

Ok, thanks

(C Corbin) #6

Is this still a problem? I’ve gotten the application to run exactly one time. Every other time it simply crashes. Would love to try the program if I can get it to work

(Frank Goehner) #7

It’s working for me now, no issues since the update a few weeks ago.

(Shirly Moritz ZF RO4H) #8

New to Zwift and loving it when it works - been using it 2 weeks now in workout mode on the 6 week Beginners FTP and have yet to get through a workout without a crash - usually around the 20 min mark - any tips on how to resolve or is it a Zwift issue - Thanks

(Jon Mayfield) #9

Shirli, sorry to hear about that.  I don’t think we’re currently aware of any crashes like that mid-workout so there may be something going on specific to your setup.  It’s worth making sure you’ve got the latest nvidia drivers for your hardware.   Also, have you tried doing a non-workout ride or even “just watching” in fan view mode to see if those modes also crash after some amount of time?

(Shirly Moritz ZF RO4H) #10

Hi Jon - thanks for speedy response - latest drivers installed - havent tried any other mode as yet - will do and get back to you. Keep up the great work - exciting times ahead!!

(Shirly Moritz ZF RO4H) #11

Could this be the issue: _ Note: Attempting to pair cadence sensors, speed sensors, and/or smart trainers may cause instabilities in Zwift, including game crashes, and we don’t guarantee any functionality with them at this time. _ Also pairing a HRM