Zwift won't sync with Garmin

and here we go again. I have had this issue for a week now and I have disconnected/reconnected two times. strava loads as it should but garmin…not so much…

Tried to connect to garmin and the issue persists. nothing happens when pressing the + sign both on companion and in browser. connection to strava worked like a charm, rides are being sent automatically there so it woks as intended.

I have same issues. Sync to Garmin works one every 5-8 times. Strava sync works perfect every time.

I’ve don’t the usual of disconnecting and reconnecting my Garmin account.

I’m having this same problem. Did you find a solution yet?

Same issue here, my fix is to download my fit file from strava and upload it manualy. If that’s failing if put it trough a online corrupt time fix. Then it always works for me.
So if a Zwift staff member is reading this pleas try looking at this.

Also having this issue since about a week ago, hope someone from Zwift can figure it out soon.