Zwift won't detect Miletone/MyFit pod since update

I’m using a MyFit pod (Aussie Milestone pod) and since the latest update Zwift won’t detect it. I spent an hour tonight trying to fix it rather than running, I’ve seen similar reports on the Zwift Runners facebook page; please fix it or else I’m wasting my time trying to run on Zwift.

Hey David, in case you’re still having issues with your pod can you try updating the firmware using your Milestone app?

Here’s a guide on how to do that:

Update us on your progress if you can!

Hi Im having the same issue. The footpod wont recognize in Zwift… I just bought an Althletes Foot brand (milestone pod) as above and it detects on my laptop and phone but not in zwift. Ive done the sync and it doesnt prompt to update so im taking that it has the latest firmware allready. Any ideas?

Similar issue here with the athletes foot pod. It pairs but continuously disconnects and connects every few seconds

Hi Vincent,

I also have the Australian MyFit pod as well powered by Milestone. The MyFit has its own app, if you download the Milestone App and try to synch it recognises the pod as a MyFit pod and won’t allow any operations Milestone app and MyFit pod. I assume this is to do with the agreements between Milestone brand and MyFit branded vendors.

The app version i have is v5.0.18, as shown in the bottom left corner of the menu system. I have yet found where to check for the pod’s firmware version, as for Milestone you tap the icon on the app dashboard, this doesn’t seem to be the same with MyFit app.

I’d like to know if the Milestone, MyFit pod have identical firmware updates and what version are they? Since buying the MyFit pod last May, i have not had any auto updates and concerned there is an issue. As an avid Zwift user, both cycling and running, i’d like to make sure i have the highest firmware updates to improve the accuracy of my running.

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Same problem here. The MyFit Pod (Australian Milestone pod) can not be registered with Milestone app. I get an error message saying it “can only be used with the MyFit app (141)”, which is not available. Please help. Is there a way to make the pod register with the Milestone app?

Unfortunately this doesn’t help because the MyFit Pod can’t be registered with the Milestone app to do the update. Is there another way to solve this please?