Zwift won’t upload to Garmin Connect

(Kyle Duffy) #1

I have had no issues the last two months with the automatic upload from zwift to Garmin Connect after my rides.

I updated the Garmin Connect app a few days ago and my ride that day and today did not upload.

Has anybody had any issues the last few days with zwift to Garmin Connect too?

I also have Strava sync’d and it has uploaded to there fine on its own…

I tried manually uploading the fit file and it gives an error.

I know it isn’t a network issue or anything related to my pc. It has been flawless up until two days ago.

(Kyle Duffy) #2

Both the rides that have not uploaded to garmin connect were the Zwift Academy semi-final workouts #1 and #2

Has anybody else done those and had them not upload to garmin connect?

(Maarten Geijsberts) #3

Do not no what happend here, but all of my rides were uploaded to Garmin Connect. Must say I haven’t had a update for the app for some weeks now. Maby the recent update is causing the problem?

(Vincent W.) #4

Hey @Kyle_Duffy , are you still having trouble updating to Garmin Connect? Have you contacted their support?

(Andrew Sanders) #5

I am having the same issue. My Zwift rides upload to Strava with no issue, but will not upload to Garmin. When I download the .fit file from zwift and try to import it manually I get this error: “An error occurred with your upload. Please try again.”