Zwift without payment?

I have lent my dad my old trainer (elite drivo) he will only very occasionally use it, he could do the 7 day free trial but after that would he be able to use zwift at all without a monthly subscription?

i seem to remember there was a certain mileage limit for people who didn’t pay - 20 or 25 miles a week or something like that?

does anything like that exist?

if not are there any free (and importantly, easy to use!!) app or software out there where he can ride and watch a video that will simulate the gradient as he rides?

If I remember correctly from my summer-off, it was 25km per month for free.

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You could also try the RGT (Road Grand Tour) app. It is similar to Zwift, but not anywhere near as robust. It is, however, free.

yeah i’ve seen that but i fear the need for computer and app to pair the trainer may confuse things - my dad is ok with tech but not the best. I was hoping for something he can just load up, connect and ride

thanks - that was about what i thought too

probably too low

I’ve only used RGT a couple of times, but it doesn’t seem any more complex to get going than Zwift. So if you’re thinking he could use Zwift I would definitely think RGT should be an option to check out.

might be worth a try - thanks

Rouvy has a lot of free routes as well

It seems poor form to discuss competitors on Zwift forums.
Just my opinion.

It isn’t really competition in this case, I’m after something zwift doesn’t offer, my dad is not going to use an indoor trainer enough to warrant paying zwifts price.

I have been a member for many years and will continue to be one for many more

You can ride unlimited distance for free in RGT. Zwift you can get 25km per month. And unlimited running.

I’ve managed to convince him to trial zwift for the free trial and see if he likes it then subscribe if he does!

Zwift has nothing to fear.

this is true - my dad is already loving it and will more than likely sign up after the free trial

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What is wit child … under 16 years accounts?
They are not free any more?

Or is bound to parents account… if paran5 hasbpaid membership… child has it too?

sorry - i’m not sure i follow what you are saying?