Zwift with Laptop - Need my phone now too

(Steve Nelms) #1

(Paul Allen) #2

Can you explain your issues a little more.

(Steve Nelms) #3

Been using zwift 4 times a week and worked great for the last 2 months.  Then Sunday 3/18, zwift (on laptop) won’t pair with trainer.  After 30 minutes of futzing around, I realized it worked with my phone. I did some research and some are saying that a phone is required to bridge between laptop and trainer.  But I’ve been using for 2 months with out the phone with no issues.  Tried again this am and still need the phone. They did do an update recently I believe, but was wondering why I all of a sudden now have to use the phone too, kind of annoying since never needed before.

(Paul Allen) #4

Please give a run down of your Zwift setup.

(Steve Nelms) #5

When it was working, I had an newer HP laptop paired to a Tacx T2400 Satori Smart Trainer using bluetooth.  I also have a ant+ USB hooked up to laptop for HR. This combination worked perfectly until Sunday 3/18 at which point I had to start using my phone for bridging.

(Paul Allen) #6

The Tacx Satori broadcast in both ANT+ and Bluetooth, so you don’t need the ZCA to bridge the connection. 

There was no way you were connecting the Tacx Satori using Bluetooth directly to an HP laptop running Windows, that has NEVER been possible with Zwift. You had to have been either using ANT+ or using the ZCA (previously the ZML) to bridge the Bluetooth connection.

(Tammy Parker (D)) #7

This same thing happened to me as well.  I have a MacBook Pro and CycleOps Hammer.  Was able to just use ANT dongle but now have to use phone for trainer to pair. Not a problem, but I didn’t have to do this before.

Tammy Parker

(Paul Allen) #8


Not the same issue since you have a Mac and he has a PC.

(Steve Nelms) #9

Thanks Paul, maybe I was using the ANT+ to pair and didn’t’ realize. But I can definitely say that the mobile link (now ZCA) is now required for me to pair my trainer to the laptop. It had not been required prior to this weekend, because most of the time I didn’t have ZCA open or running on my phone (for the first month, I didn’t even use).  So something has definitely changed this weekend and is continuing this week where my phone is required for pairing.  As additional info, the blue tooth icon is showing in the pairing screen now for power/cadence.  Again, this is using my phone to bridge.

(Paul Allen) #10

Make sure you calibrate the Satori using the Tacx app and then open Zwift and on the Pairing Screen click on Search under Power Source and see if the Satori shows up on the list. Another thing to try is to remove the batteries from the trainer for a couple minutes and reinstall them and see if the trainer can be found via ANT+. Changing the batteries could also help.

I have the same trainer and have not seen the issue.