Zwift with External Power (Stages) in ERG bounces around


I have noticed that during structured training programmes using ERG with an external power meter that while I can accurately increase my power but when in a rest period the power meter yoyo 's around for 20s before settling down. This makes it impossible to ‘PERFECT’ any 1min or less rest interval after a higher power interval.

Looks to me like some weird Moving Average smoothing going on. Any plans to fix it (or work around) or should I just live with it? :slight_smile:


Same problem! I hate not being perfect!!

There is an option to set if want to see the rawdata, or the 3 seconds average powerdata. May be that helps you out.

I think I remember trying that and it not making a difference. I’ll try it again. Just did 40/20’s morning… not a chance of getting that perfect :slight_smile: