Zwift + Windows + Bluetooth

(Mona) #41

I am having a similar problem with a pc and an android device.  I have no trouble on my iMac, but I hate having to move it around to be in the same room as the bike and trainer.  In my case, my powercal heart rate monitor is not recognized by the Zwift app and the Bluetooth icon has an ! point.  I have no trouble connecting my speed and cadence sensors on my classic trainer with the ant+ dongle I purchased.  The Zwift app on my pc has only recognized the powercal heart rate chest strap twice and in one of the instance it did not show heart rate, only power.  I have been in contact with support but they had to kick the issue up a level to support 2.  I am using the latest version of Mobile Link on my phone and the latest version of Zwift on my pc.