Zwift will not work with case-sensitive filesystems on Mac OS X

This is an FYI for anyone using a Mac who finds Zwift crashes immediately upon launch.  If you’ve got a case-sensitive filesystem (if you don’t know, you probably don’t) follow these steps:

  1. Use Disk Utility to create a 4GB sparse image with the following settings (do not choose under Format “OS X Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)”)
  2. Mount the image (this should happen automatically after creating it)
  3. Move the directory “~/Library/Application Support/Zwift” to “/Volumes/Zwift”
  4. In the Terminal app, create a symbolic link using this command: “ln -s /Volumes/Zwift/Zwift ~/Library/Application\ Support”

You should now be able to run Zwift using the launcher in your Applications folder.

Remember that if you unmount the image or restart your Mac, you’ll have to mount it again.  You can do this by double clicking the “Zwift.sparseimage” file on your desktop (or wherever you saved it using Disk Utility.)

Note that you’ll see two different things on your desktop:

On the left is the mounted image, on the right is the sparseimage.  You double click the one on the right to mount it (after which, the one on the left will appear.)

And this will be addressed soon! :slight_smile:

Matt DeLuco,


Thanks for the workaround!

Eric C.,

A ~year later and still not working in latest  :(