Zwift - Watopia - 12wk Winter plan (advanced) Week 2 Day 3

(L uke Skywalker) #1

Not being picky but I think there is a bug on this training plan. All goes well through warm up, freeride, and to 8 x 8 intervals, then the 5mins @ max is where there is a problem. I didn’t expect “max” to be my maximum power! I cant hold that for 5mins and I wasn’t, nor my knee thinking the ERG would crank up to 1400w. Knowing a power increase is coming, you natural start spinning, then whoa!, you hit a brick wall.

(Michael Henasey) #2

There’s another thread about these MAX intervals. I agree, with MAX, Zwift should not simply tell the smart trainer to go to 100% resistance. 

I don’t know what the real solution should be other than perhaps eliminate MAX intervals altogether from workouts.

For short MAX sprints, perhaps Zwift could allow us to manually set the resistance or perhaps allow us to specify the amount pre-workout.

For longer MAX sprints like your 5 min experience, perhaps some sort of controllable ERG mode could be implemented. Then from the Mobile App, you can make adjustments so you are able to sustain a MAX effort for 5 mins.


(Joe Puetz) #3

I had exactly the same problem and failed within the workout

I assume that more than 150% of your FTP would be sufficient for a MAX effort for 5 minutes.

(Owen Lewis - MGCC) #4

Had the same experience this morning.  5min@MAX should be an interval where you go as hard as you can and ERG Mode needs to switch off like it does in an FTP test.

A general rule of thumb for cyclists is sustaining 5mins at VO2Max.  I would set this workout’s “5min@MAX” to reflect a VO2Max power range and set the threshold to 110-120% FTP in order to get the star and successfully complete the interval. 

My avg power over the 4.5mins after ERG Mode shut off (thank god), was 124% FTP and I did not get a star.  I felt a little robbed, I must admit.

(Jason K) #5

This has been changed as of last night’s update and now only asks you to go as hard as you can for the duration of the interval. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help testing he workouts beta! Ride on.

(Eros Xenumenti) #6

Does this plan disable ERG mode at any point?


I purposefully removed the gears on my training bike so its basically fixed wheel now, all I use it for is ERG intervals. . . if ERG is disabled at any point it will ruin the session clearly.


Also, what is anybodys experience of this plan, is it ok as a winter base building plan?