Zwift Walking Suggestion

Hi All
I know a lot of people who wouldn’t run either on a treadmill or outside, often because they are injured or just not fit enough or no longer able to. As a suggestion (and feel free to reward me generously for this idea), but why not extend Zwift running to include walking. Walking on a treadmill normally is equally boring as running on one without Zwift. Also the social side of walking groups would be great. The great thing about walking is the treadmills are smaller and cheaper and so more accessible to a wide range of people so it opens up another large market. Does the run pod work OK while walking, hopefully not too far in the future all treadmills will have a blue-tooth connection, being as it only costs something like $5 to implement.
What do others think?

Hello Nick,

See this thread

I have a walking treadmill under my stand up desk. The footpod doesn’t track well under 3 or 4 mph, which is faster than I can walk and still concentrate. The treadtracker add-on bluetooth device works, but more than I want to spend. I just walk and don’t track any of it.

I just walked today and was fine. I’m in rehab from injury and adjusted my walking pace to accomodate.

That thread looks promising, but maybe not the perfect solution given the Avatar isn’t exactly lifelike if it is doing a s-l-o-w run. Maybe Zwift could fix its animation for speeds below say 3mph? Tread tracker looks OK but pricey, the app solution might do for many people. Zwift would also need to make some walking group events for the social side.

The issue is not with Zwift but with the foot pod you use. Most foot pods are designed for running and will auto-pause if the speed drops below a certain point. Zwift can easily do super slow walking speeds even though the avatar will start shuffling if the speed drops below 1 km/h.

I use a Stryd foot pod and connect it both to my Garmin watch and Zwift at the same time. I have my Garmin watch set to auto-pause when the speed drops below a certain threshold. Zwift doesn’t have pause so whenever I stop for a drink or a breath, my watch is auto-paused while I continue to walk in Zwift.

So yeah, using TreadTracker or whatever other method to broadcast speed into Zwift will work.

I see what you mean. Walking worked with my apple watch, but I switched to the milestone foot pod because it was too difficult to keep the watch connected. Now I’m working through an injury and can’t run and can’t get the avatar to move when I use the milestone. I’d like to be able to use zwift so I can see my heart rate in the heads up display but its just too boring to watch the avatar stand and occaisionaly stretch. So I’ve started watch Youtube videos.

I’ve been doing some running lately using the Zwift Run Pod and my experience is it works down to quite low speeds. I do a warm down and it is happily working a 6, 4 and 3kph - albeit my treadmill 3kph comes up as 3.4kph on Zwift but that’s within the accuracy of the footpod at low speeds.

My runpod usually tracks my walking speed but I have also used the Treadmill Smart Speed app (iOS) if my runpod is being fussy or if I want an absolutely accurate match between my treadmill speed and my avatar and Zwift data. The app connects to Zwift via the bluetooth screen and you simply enter the speed that you are walking into the app and it transmits it to Zwift. You can set up the app’s screen with custom speed buttons if you want to change speeds quickly. (Note that the app doesn’t control your treadmill – it just transmits the speeds that you enter to the Zwift program so that your avatar walking/running speed will match your treadmill. This also makes the Zwift mileage and speed much more accurate than the runpod is.)