Zwift Walking and Powerwalking

I am 54 and due to my spine my doctor told me I shouldn’t jog.

But hey I can walk, and as I like workout and karate I found a way to strengthen my legs by getting a simple treadmill and incline it to 8%. That way I started walking, at just 5km/h but I can do that for 30 minutes without a problem.

I just found ZWIFT and it really gives entertainment when on the treadmill, I just miss shorter routes to walk.
Yesterday I did the Insbruck 2.8km in 32 minutes and that way I found I can do Powerwalks too.

I suggest to get more shorter tracks that people can manage in 30 minutes up to 1 hour walking.
Maybe slowest speed then 4.5km/h and 5.5km/h for the faster parts.

Also in a future version to start “Group Walks” with enhanced graphics so we can enjoy nature and the landscape :slight_smile:

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