Zwift use inside spin/RPM classes (multi player)

With the growing popularity of spin/RPM classes inside of health facilities that include bikes with power meters and cadence, together with a large cinematic style screens, zwift could offer a group-based solution that normalises the effort of individuals within the class such that they can all train together using the one large screen. I’ve seen feature requests that talk to handicaps or the like and such normalisation would likely need to take this into account, with a key difference being that you start and finish as a bunch on a single screen. The challenge is making this exciting to all – something that the normalisation would need to take into account. Such a feature would reduce/remove the need for instructors.

Don’t group workouts kind of already do that with the rubber banding effect? How would 10 - 20 people log into “one screen” in the spin room, they would all need individual devices.

As long as everyone has a phone and an account surely your big screen can just zoom out on the group.

But I’m definitely up for joining that group if your doing a spin group. That’s definitely more my bag