Zwift Uploads from apple 4K TV

Hi, can anybody help? I have just upgraded from using my iPhone for zwifting to a Apple 4K TV. The app is working great and no issues, until I end the ride and click save… it looks to save but does not update in my activities section on the companion app and it then does not go to Strava or training peaks! I have tried the double clicking and swiping the app to close, tried updating the IOS on my phone, tried the switching things on and off :joy:, can anyone help? Thank you Dave

Any chance you are logged in on yet another device somewhere? This behavior sounds like a case of mismatched log-ins/outs.

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I am logged in on my iPhone, I will log out and try again, thank you :blush:

Deleted the zwift app from the iPhone pedaled for 1.5k saved the ride and the same again happened, it did not save on zwift or to Strava! It came up on the companion app that I was still zwifting and done 0.2km :thinking:

Rides need to be 2.6km to save.

Forum doesn’t allow links but if you google ‘Zwift minimum distance to save’ you’ll see a support doc with requirements needed to save.

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Awesome both :ok_hand::+1: now works perfect! I was about to take it back, I was getting very frustrated :joy:

Thank you again

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