Zwift upload issues

Hey there
Recently purchased a Tacx neo 2T, set it all up according to guidelines, did a workout, saved it to send it across to Strava Garmin and TrainingPeaks as I always did when using my old Tacx flux 2, and it’s not uploaded to any of the above places and also not loaded into Zwift companion.
I’ve done all the usual things( ensure all accounts are linked eg Zwift is linked to Strava Garmin and TrainingPeaks, also ensured Strava is linked to Garmin and TrainingPeaks is linked to Strava and Garmin all that stuff :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:.
Logged out of all the accounts, logged back in, ensuring all are up to date with the relevant iOS updated on my iPhone.
I generally use my iPhone for the workout’s not my laptop.
Slightly confused as when I uploaded a Zwift session previously on my old trainer it would be transferred straight in Garmin and Strava.
The only thing I’ve done is changed from a Tacx flux to a Tacx neo 2T
Many thanks