Zwift UI Watts Location

Hi guys. As you know a lot of Zwifters are using big TV 40-50 inches. While riding on ZWIFT i use my TT bike, with very aggressive position. The problem is that ZWIFT shows watss on top of your screen, which is pain for my neck to be in TT position and look on upper part of my TV. In this case i have to put my TV down on the floor, by this i can see my watts, be on TT position and it is more comfortable for my neck. Could you please make some settings to allow people to change UI settings, lets say to swap watts location with hear rate graph, so watts will be on the bottom, HR graph on top. 

I know this is not what you ask, but this might work for now. You could use the Zwift Companion app on your phone (iPhone works very well, not sure about Android) and place that somewhere where you can easily see it.

not really sure what you’re saying but while riding outdoor you have your device stuck stuck to your handlebar. You could do the same here so…

We definitely don’t want your neck hurting when trying to ride! 

Awesome suggestions so far from Jeroen and Andre, and if you want to learn more about the Zwift Companion app feel free to check out our guide here

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about dashboard customization so we’re definitely aware of the general feeling towards them! If there are any updates or rumblings about a possible similar feature, I’ll let everyone know. :) 

c`mon, did i buy 50" 4k tv and hi-end gaming rig, to watch on numbers on my phone? :smiley: Hope you will add this customization later.