Zwift tvOS App connecting to eero wifi guest network on ATV4K(gen3)

I have two Apple TV 4K devices connecting to my home wifi “guest” network. They both have access to internet, and I can view Apple TV+ programs and youTube on both. I also run the Zwift tvOS App on these devices. However the Zwift tvOS app does not work with the latest AppleTV4K(gen3) 2022 model when connecting to the “guest” network, but works when it connects to the main SSID of the router.

I am aware that eero router “guest” network disable streaming. But why does this work for one AppleTV4K (gen2), but not the latest AppkeTV4K(gen3) model.

Does the Zwift tvOS app use some network protocol that is no longer supported in the latest AppleTV4K (gen3) device?

When you say that it doesn’t work, what happens exactly? No, there’s not something that stops it working on the later model.

The Zwift app did start, but it nothing happens after the login screen. I repeated this process several times. In one case, it did move beyond the login screen, and allowed me to choose the ride. I chose the ride with Coco, but it took sometime to search for Coco. While it was searching, I was riding by myself and saw no one else. Eventually, the Zwift App reported back saying that my selected ride was no longer available.
I did reboot the ATV4K device, reset my network, reconnected to the guest SSID, but I wasn’t able to get it to work. I ran out time and reverted back to my main SSID to get my ride.

So the issue I experienced is not that the latest ATV4K (gen3) can’t connect to Zwift.The issue is that I doesn’t seem to work when connected to the “guest” SSID on the eero, which does not allow streaming. This issue is not happening with the ATV4K(gen2).

Try rebooting your home router. Is it a mesh network? It sounds like something strange is going on with your home network. One possibility is that the “no streaming” is stopping things working, but somehow this restriction isn’t being applied properly by the router to the gen2 device.

It does seem strange, but if there were general problems with this particular model then we’d have heard a lot more about it on these forums.

Another thought - are both ATVs running exactly rhe same release of tvOS?