Zwift TTT end tactic

Thought came across my mind after my 1st TTT last week. Now for conversation sake we will use 6 riders, where the 4th rider’s time will be the once counted. Now usually from what I have watched, the team finishes the ride in most cases together with the stronger riders pulling the lesser,… Now here is my thought, and would it matter if the last riders sprinted through the pack, numbers are just for reference.

Option 1
Rider’s with 50-100m before finish.
#1 6.0w/kg
#2 5.9w/kg
#3 5.5w/kg
#4 5.3w/kg
#5 4.9w/kg
#6 4.5w/kg

Now what if you had 1 or 2 sprinters push through the group, would a draft effect cause a speed increase from those riders to help pull the 4th?

Option 2
Riders speeds are now

#6 9.0w/kg <<<< Would riders 6 and 5 cause a more beneficial pulling power as they pass rider #4
#5 8.0w/kg
#1 6.0w/kg
#2 5.9w/kg <<< Would the 4th rider benefit with a faster draft for a speed increase and a better time?
#3 5.5w/kg

too complicated, you’re probably fried at the end so math and good form is off the menu. everyone pours whatever they have left in during the final 1km anyway

If the sprinter can still sprint, they did not use their power effectively. That means they could have done more work in the front during the whole race, making the 4th rider do less work and setting an overall better time.

If you watch pro cyclists, it’s pretty rare for someone to be good at a TT and have a good sprint. Lotte Kopecky, Marcel Kittel, a few others. So for a lot of people, someone who could in theory push through at the end for a sprint that’s significantly better than their teammates (assuming all the same Cat) might be more cooked than their non-sprinty teammates. The slow-twitch folks are better at metering out their power over the TT, the fast-twitch folks less so.

That’s why when you watch pro TTTs, and everyone’s just out of the saddle and giving whatever they have left in the last hundred meters or so, the TT specialists are holding their own with the sprint specialists.

Long story is that I’d think that someone would have to lay off the power in order for essentially a sprint train to form at the end of a TTT. Better just for everyone to put their heads down and hammer.

I just thought it would be an interesting discussion on opinions seeing as it’s a couple different tactics, and the way Zwift PD 4.1.1.etc works.

For sure, not trying to shut you down. Just offering my take :slight_smile: