Zwift Training Quirks

I’m new to Zwift workouts, been doing most of my training on Systm and using Zwift for longer more moderate rides. anyone else ever in the middle of an interval when you top out on a rise and instinctively back off only to have the trainer ramp up the resistance? it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do but every time it seems to get me haha!

who else has experienced this or has their own quirks with Zwift training?

The “solution” to this mental quirk is to watch something else while doing Zwift workouts. I’ve been watching a lot of WC Soccer/Futbol during workouts lately, but also watch a lot of racing on GCN+, also. Of course, this can generate similar quirks, depending on what is happening in the game/race!!

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Do all your training on either Tempest Fugit, the Alpe or Ventop :wink:

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Fortunately its not quite as potentially catastrophic as trying to freewheel after an interval on a track bike,


I’ve been working my way through recordings of old races, and my cadence goes way up during sprint finishes!

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That would be rough :joy:

Not really looking for a solution, just thought it was mildly humorous and thought i’d share. I’m also interested in quirks or tics or pet peaves others have on Zwift–things that maybe are working exactly as they’re supposed to but annoy you for whatever reason. go ahead and vent!

was watching a Michigan-OSU wrestling dual a few years back and experienced similar.

@Mike_Rowe1 yeah i’ve been thinking about doing long climbs or flats, good point. i’ve been trying to knock off a few routes that i’ve been avoiding at a length that roughly fit with workout times, but you’re right that would avoid it for sure.

For this one: Just read through the Forum. There appear to be plenty of quirks/tics/pet peeves that people have regarding Zwift! :rofl:

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