Zwift Trainer Interference

Hi there, first post to the forum.

I’ve been using Zwift for a while and my girlfriend has also started using it. Over the last few months we’ve noticed we can never ride together in the same room because as soon as we do, her power figures go awry as if by some interference, even when she stops pedalling. Today a power of 194W continue for a good minute even after she stops pedalling entirely. As soon as this happens the whole session is somehow wrong and the power figures are not representative of the effort at all.

Whenever only 1 trainer is connected it works fine.

I have followed the suggestions for interference between two trainers and we pair all our devices on one setup first as well as physically moving the trainers part by 4m, but still it doesn’t work.

It only seems to affect her set up somehow.

This is so dumb. Need a fix quickly!

My setup:
Wahoo Kickr Gen 2
Garmin HR Dual Chest Strap
Wahoo Cadence Sensor

Her setup:
Wahoo Snap
Garmin HR Fual Chest Strap
Wahoo Cadence Sensor

Have you tried pairing via the Companion app? It can’t hurt to try…

Also, there is a similar thread here - keep an eye on it Don't Allow Pairing To A Device That's Actively Paired To Another Zwift Rider

Hi @Dan_Machen

Welcome to the forum.

What system are you using to Zwift and how do you connect.