Zwift Timed Ride

I was in a timed (45min) Ride Scotland the other day, and out of 250+ Riders as I crossed
the Line the results showed 26th… When I went to Zwift Power it showed 105th? Not that
it matters, but some of the riders that finished ahead of Me, would show these crazy low
Pwr #'s 1.5wkg 1.8wkg, Heart Rates etc… Any ideas as to what/why this happened ? TIA

Hi @Fred_Sch

Welcome to the forum.

Zwift power results are random for timed events, every one finish at the same time.

Thank you… I kinda thought that, but wasn’t too sure… You know how it goes, in
that even in timed Events you’re always trying to stay with Front Group ! :stuck_out_tongue: