Zwift throwing me out on the end of group rides

Hi, I run an Ipad Air- software 12.4.9. Zwift app is 1.0.60474.
Last couple of group rides I’ve done, on completion and the worlds going back to the route being used I get kicked out. I can log back in, and resume the ride, but I find that my kit has bee reset to the basic kit and doesn’t show on the companion app that I completed that group ride, just rode the route/world.
Not sure if releated, but I’ve noticed on Zwift power, my power and HR data isn’t showing as usual, the breakdowns arent there?
Update issue??? Help…

Same problem here. Zwift version 1.0.60611on IPad Air version 12.5 and Zwift Companion version 3.21.0 on IPhone version 14.3 but the problem started few weeks ago and still exist. Have to log back to Zwift each time and save the ride when ask to do so but with the wrong name of the ride.