Zwift the Mars Opportunity and Curiosity Rover tracks.

The Mars Curiosity Rover and the Mars Opportunity Rover have logged a combined distance of roughly 65kms of tracks on the Martian surface; it would truly be a ‘new world’ to be able to use the Mars Exploration orbital and ground data as the basis for a Zwift track.  And given the smaller mass of Mars, relative to Earth, it could be an ideal place for recovery rides.

I suppose that Watopia would need a Stargate, or something, but that could aesthetically fit into the Jungle Loop.

I realize that there have been suggestions over the years for Sci-Fi scapes like Tron world or candyland, and I would not support those ideas.  I am not suggesting science-fiction, I am suggesting science.

Ride On, NASA!

I don’t reckon that Martian landscape would be very engaging though!

Easter Egg: Mark Watney from The Martian waving to you in the background, then flying off in the MAV.  

If you do Mars, bring in Olympus Mons. :wink:

Now that would be an epic climb.